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Fast, Reliable & Secure

Our well-trained and experienced riders treat each package with utmost care and constantly deliver with safety in mind.

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On-Time Delivery

Guarantee same day or not later than 24 hours delivery within Lagos and 72 hours across Nigeria.

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Amazing Customer Service

Our highly trained customer service professionals ensure that every client is thoroughly satisfied

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Who we are

We are Exact Destination Services (EDS), your new premium delivery partner. Why not go about your business while we take the burden of delivery off you in a way that will avail you more time to concentrate on growth strategies? We are truly good at what we do. Name the destination and we will be there at the exact hour(s) as the road permit. We offer amazing cash on delivery services nationwide. Deliveries within Lagos state are done within 48-hour at most while deliveries out Lagos state are done at most three (3) to five (5) days. With customers satisfaction our priority, all cash remittance are done within three (3) days of successful delivery. In Exact Destination Service (EDS), we are one step ahead.

Choose us today for fast, reliable, affordable and secure delivery. We are just a phone call away!